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    Scam: Card-Scanning thieves can make fraudulent purchases with information collected from RFID-enabled credit cards carried in pockets or purses.
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In just three easy steps FPN will provide you with an award winning report to help you make more educated decisions on moving forward in your day to day life.


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  • Because of fraud protection network we make better decisions for our business And they keep us out of trouble
    Doug and Kelli S. (IA)
  • Ever since I became a member at fpn they saved me 100s of thousands of dollars
    Dan L. (ID)
  • The staff at the fraud protection network has been great and they have stopped me from being scammed on numerous occasions!
    John H (Cali)
  • This company has helped me overcome my fears when dealing with new companies. Having somebody to trust in a time of need is priceless TY. FPN.
    Ann M (CO)



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Stop Fraud Before It Begins

As technology continues to improve consumer fraud continues to grow. Make sure your protected with the Fraud Protection Network.

Bests efforts will be used to investigate the legitimacy and background of businesses and/or individuals whom you
are proposing to engage for the delivery of products, goods or services.